The Power of Home Staging
You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! In this real estate market, home staging should be a necessity in selling a home. If you ask any of my past clients, they’ll tell you that the value of staging should never be disregarded. Staging is a powerful marketing tool to showcase each property with the objective to appeal to the majority of buyers and differentiate from the competition. This will guarantee an increase in the chances of selling quickly and for top dollars. We focus on proven strategies and design principles to accentuate the features of each home. My strategic design techniques create a purpose for each room and attract a broad range of buyers while maximizing the value of the home.

My reputation was built based on creating an inviting atmosphere to attract potential buyers paired with proven success. My staging team and I are equipped with knowledge of the market and are focused on what the buyers are drawn to. We aim to remove clutter and accentuate features of your home which will allow buyers to visualize themselves in the space. I will provide you with all the staging resources as required. A home will appeal more to the buyer that has the most current, elegant, and striking furniture and décor. This will ensure that your home stands out from the competition and gets presented strikingly in photos and in person. Discover how my staging team and I can benefit you!

Staging is part of my selling process and here is why:
• Staged homes will result in a faster sale, higher price and is on the market for less number of days
• Creates a “WOW” response that attracts potential buyers into your home
• It can easily let buyers envision themselves living there which allows them to have a connection to the home
• By having a staging professional assess your home, it will maximize the value of your home while avoiding expensive mistakes that sellers tend to make
• Staged homes create an inviting atmosphere. This welcoming impression will set your home apart from your competition
• Buyers view the photos of the homes on MLS first. A Staged home is a significant factor as it will be the first impression the buyers see of your home

The 4 Phases of Staging Step

1 - Staging Consultation
The staging consultation will incorporate a complete evaluation of your home. A home staging professional will do a consultation to outline what can be done to enhance the value of each room. To better showcase your property, we will recommend repairs, decluttering, and the necessary steps to maximize the value. This consultation will include a written staging plan of what needs to be completed prior to putting your home on the market.

Step 2 - The Groundwork
After the consultation, it’s now time to prepare the home. This time allows the sellers to make the necessary changes to execute the plan. To highlight the best features of your home, sellers may need to clean, declutter or even rearrange. Your part in preparing your home may include:

• De-cluttering- This should be the first step to prepare your home. All non -essential items would be recommended to be packed. This will avoid clutter and make the home appear spacious.
• Depersonalizing- Removing personal photographs and items will allow the buyers to picture their family in the home which will motivate them to make a competitive offer.
• Suggested repairs and renovations should be fixed
• Front and back yard clean up

We have a wide range of professionals such as painters, carpet cleaners, plumbers and electricians available to better serve you.

Step 3 - The day of Staging
The day of staging normally takes place a few days before your home is listed for sale. The staging process will take around 5 to 8 hours. On this day, our staging team will deliver the necessary rental furniture and accessories. We will ensure a complete transformation of your home to make a lasting impression from the moment they enter. The stager may also rearrange your existing accessories and furniture to better showcase your home. Modern accessories, bedding, and artwork will also be added.

Step 4 - The Final step
After your home has been sold, our team members will begin the process of removing all our furniture and accessories. Here are some of our transformations